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What You’ll Discover in These 12 Sessions
In this 12-part transformational intensive, Tim, along with guest instructor Beth Scanzani, will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies you need to successfully bless yourself and others with your unique, transformational gift.

Each training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need for the blessing journey.

Module 1: Clear the Path

The prospect of deep, personal transformation frequently activates fears and limiting beliefs. Before you engage in a process that will evolve your identity and catalyze your ability to deliver the purposeful gifts that you feel deeply called to offer, you will need to consciously attend to your natural doubts and reservations.

What would be possible if YOU received the transformational gifts that you are deeply called and perfectly designed to deliver to others? Bestowing your blessing on yourself changes how you view and experience the world.

In these two sessions with Tim, you’ll discover:

The value of honoring both ego and trusted sources of guidance as you move through the process of receiving clear details about your most purposeful transformation
How to connect with a trusted source of guidance to receive clear and resonant details about the transformational blessing you are uniquely designed and perfectly trained to deliver
Freedom from fears that block you from healing old wounds and embodying a purpose-guided life or livelihood
A clear vision for yourself and your life
Two powerful techniques for clearing the fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that can block your achievement of important goals
Module 2: Know Your Gift

Though you have many skills and gifts, there is one unique transformational process that you are deeply called to offer in service to others. Whether or not you are currently clear about the transformation that you are perfectly designed to offer, you can be sure that this offering has a purposeful and powerful impact on the people who receive it.

It is this transformational gift that is your primary tool for changing the world. It is also a key to your deepest personal transformation and healing.

Most people give their gift unconsciously, never fully realizing its power. When you get really clear about the details of this blessing, you’ll realize that you’ve done this all your life without realizing it. From this place of clarity, you will see that the challenging patterns and events of your life were a perfect training ground for you to deliver your blessing to others, and perhaps more importantly, to yourself.

Before you can give this most precious gift to yourself, you must make it conscious and get clear details about the transformational process we call your “blessing.”

Once this process and the transformation impact it creates become clear to you, you can use it to coach individuals, transform groups in workshops and teleseminars, and even impact entire companies. Your blessing has many applications in the world, but the most powerful one is its capacity to transform you in ways that create a sense of inner peace, joyful self-expression and purpose-guided motivation.

Over these four sessions, you’ll receive:

Clarity about the transformational impact that your blessing delivers
A blessing-based purpose statement that embodies the energy and impact of the transformation you are called to deliver
Resonant details and language to describe the people who most need and want your transformational blessing and will be naturally drawn to your work
An explicit step-by-step process that moves you from wound-driven motivation to a sense of ease and guided momentum as you fully express yourself and your purposeful work in the world

Module 3: Blessing Yourself

Now that you have a clear and detailed map for creating your unique brand of purposeful transformation in the world, it’s time to offer your healing gifts to the one who needs them most… YOU!

We will guide you to consult your highest wisdom and discover how far you have progressed in the process of self-transformation (as a result of all the great personal work you’ve completed in your life so far) and what remains to be done. Then, we’ll help you create a specific plan for taking the next step in healing your wound-driven motivation and elevating your identity to the next level of impact as a change agent.

In this module, you’ll learn:

What it feels like to embody the end-state of your purposeful transformation, and what is possible from this place that felt impossible before you blessed yourself
Where you are in the journey to unleashing the next version of your evolved self
The specific steps you must take to become the change agent you are meant to be
Best practices and resources for making the path as smooth, purposeful and transformative as possible
Module 4: The Path to the Future

Now that you have the roadmap to the next version of yourself and are on your way, we will help you create a plan to continue this essential work for the long term. The wisdom, knowledge and practices you’ve learned in this program are designed to support you in staying consciously engaged in a continual process of rapid self-transformation.

With this “new normal,” every aspect of your life can feel expansive, meaningful and purposefully guided as you continue to evolve. When your identity and your energetic motivation have transformed beyond your wounds, you have a clear vision and path to fulfill your deepest calling.

You’ll emerge from this module with:

A plan for continual evolution and transformation
Resources to maintain and accelerate transformation
Clarity about how to consciously evolve beyond your current identity and purpose
Strategies and support to stay the course for the long term …


Tim Kelley is a global change agent and internationally-renowned expert on higher purpose. He works with top leaders in many fields and countries to transform human institutions and evolve society to its new form. Tim’s methodology, True Purpose, has been featured internationally in magazines, newspapers, and on television. Tim has trained over 1,000 consultants, therapists, and coaches in his methods and taught Voice Dialogue on three continents.


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Tim Kelley – Bestowing Your Blessing on Yourself