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Tito Ortiz – NHB Instructional

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Tito Ortiz, former UFC champion and one of the most recognizable figure of the world of mixed martial arts, explains all the techniques and training routines he uses in the UFC octagon.This DVD pack was shot at L.A. Boxing in Huntington Beach and the quality of the sound and picture is top notch.The 7 volumes cover all the different aspects of his training and his fighting style.The 7 Volumes Include:
* Pre fight workout routine Everyone knows that Tito Ortiz is a conditioning maniac… Try to follow this DVD and you’ll know why.
* Basic freefighting Learn all the basic positioning in the art of NHB freestyle fighting.
* Takedowns One of his better weapons. He explains how he used to bring down some of the biggest NHB fighters.
* Defense from takedowns Learn how to defend the takedown.
* Underhooks.
* Submissions & strikes (guard) learn the basic positions in the guard
* Attacks from the guard All the most brutal and effective techniques used in a ring.



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Tito Ortiz – NHB Instructional