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How Dominate Depression Helps You Feel Better

Joan Mathews-Larson famously said in her book Depression-Free, Naturally, “if there is a drug that is found to heal, there is also a natural substitute that can heal.”

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I used to be severely depressed and couldn’t take care of myself. Now I feel great almost everyday.

Here’s the deal:

I believe we don’t “manage” our depression and “deal with it.” We can literally fix the root causes of depression and feel amazing. We must find the ROOT CAUSES of our depression.

How can you find the time to fix your depression. while working a full-time job. and having no energy in the first place?

Instead of digging through hundreds of confusing scientific books, trying to find a doctor that actually understands you, and wasting time with so called “expert” sites.

.subscribe to Dominate Depression (it’s free), and you’ll get PROVEN ways from the top in the field when it comes to overcoming depression without medication, and of course, me, TJ Nelson.

Anything I recommend on this site is because I’ve either personally used it or saw someone else benefit from it. I only recommend products and services that work.

And the best part? I’ll cut through all the crap. I’ll show you what people are doing and getting real results. and the mistakes I’ve made that you can avoid.

I suffered from depression for 11 YEARS. I’ve read all the books. I have a degree in Psychology. And I know what it takes to actually overcome depression. I give you these INSANELY PRACTICAL TIPS that you can start using TODAY.

Dominate Depression Community

Dominate Depression is a fast growing community of people waking up and realizing they really can feel great everyday. overcome their depression for good. and not have to take random medications handed out by doctors that talked to them for 5 minutes.

You can fix root causes of depression by altering your nutrition, implementing a few little known supplements, and implementing a few other simple tricks.

When you subscribe for free email updates, you’ll gain access to all the insights that I’ve learned (and this isn’t anywhere else on the site, only in my emails).

I’ve learned key concepts that if you miss you might never fix your depression:

Why positive thinking can be a trap (this insight instantly relieved me of the stress of having to constantly monitor my thoughts to feel better)

What foods destroy feel good neurotransmitters in your brain (a lot of my success has been from eliminating these foods)

How is serotonin actually made and why is leftover serotonin so important (this is also why antidepressants tend to lose their effectiveness over time)

Why sleep is so important and what really fixes insomnia (this one supplement cured one of my readers of his Xanax addiction instantly)

And much, much more.



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TJ Nelson – Dominate depression