Tom Kenyon – Entering the Mandala


Tom Kenyon – Entering the Mandala

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This set of live recordings comes from a three-day Chitananda Tantra meditation.

This unique form of tantra created by Tom Kenyon is based on BonPo shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism / Taoism and the yogas of ancient India. It is an elegant and highly effective method of achieving self-liberation, or enlightenment, without the need to embrace any particular philosophy or spiritual tradition.

Chitananda Tantra achieved this remarkable feat through the art of training your brain / mind to enter states of consciousness happy and autoliberantes, which by their very nature lead to a direct experience of his own transcendent nature, without joining by time, space, place, or circumstances.

The course includes 14 tantric sound meditations that expand the mind.



Tom teaches in Intensive formats throughout the world. Because of his immense field of personal knowledge — from the sciences to spirituality — each Intensive is imbued with knowledge relative to the subject matter and overlaid with the sacred sounds he creates. In other words, if you don’t fully get the transmission from the words, you can’t escape the truth of it when the sounds are projected from his voice toward you.

Each Intensive has a particular Intention or theme. Some come from Tibetan energy practices, some evolve out of Tom weaving many modalities into a more Western approach to esoterica. No two Intensives are ever the same as they combine information drawn out by the consciousness of the group and tones, specific mantras and tone meditations, brought through specifically for the group present. If you are drawn to be present, that is because your consciousness in the room affects the presentation and your body can literally feel the potential benefit.


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Tom Kenyon – Entering the Mandala