Total Conversion Code by Glenn Livingston & Terry Dean



 Total Conversion Code by Glenn Livingston & Terry Dean

Price: $497

Glenn and I spent 6 months of our lives putting this together…after 23 Years of online testing, practice, and experience (15 years for me and 8 for Glenn).).

And that’s not counting all the years Glenn has spent predicting human behavior as a researcher, psychologist, and Fortune 500 marketing consultant

The course includes 16 DVDs with 20 total video modules on them. Here’s the quick outline:

Module 01 – Introduction to the Conversion Code
Module 02 – Conversion Code Score Sheet
Module 03 – How the Web Changes Everything
Module 04 – Conversion Code Market Research
Module 05 – Insight Mining – Emotional Benefit Research
Module 06 – Perfect Customer Profile
Module 07 – 7 Steps to Winning Offers
Module 08 – Bullets: Basic Building Blocks
Module 09 – Headlines : Proven Strategies for Attention
Module 10 – Proof: The Power Behind the Promise
Module 11 – Storytelling: Interest, Empathy, and Passion
Module 12 – Rough Drafts Made Easy
Module 13 – Editing: Coal Into Diamonds
Module 14 – Video Conversion Code
Module 15 – Content Conversion Code in Web 2.0
Module 16 – Writing Emails For Maximum Conversion
Module 17 – Recruiting and Interviewing Experts
Module 18 – Beyond the Sales Cycle, Branding, and Backend
Module 19 – Testing and Tracking
Module 20 – Message to Market Match – Segmentation
And much more!

Here is some more pitch:
“Go From a Blank Page to a High

Conversion Web System in Virtually

Any Market…100% Guaranteed”

Even If You’re Not a Writer…Aren’t Comfortable with

Video…And Couldn’t Sell Your Way Out of a Paper Bag!

Finally, A Fully Documented, Step By Step, A to Z, Internet Conversion System. Simply organize and feed back your customers’ own words in the correct order, following the detailed steps we lay out.

Find dozens of easy-to-patch “conversion cracks” on your site in under 15 minutes, using our 15 point, laser focused cheat sheet! (Each and every “crack” is a unique chance to increase your profits… and most you’d never guess on your own) 23 Ways Web Strategies Differ for Ecommerce, Information Products, Services, Physical Products, B2B, B2C, PPC, SEO, Social Media, High Ticket, Brick-and-Mortar, and Affiliates…Your Business IS UNIQUE…Little Variations Drive Success in Specific Business Types 8 tested and proven, unique ways to boost conversion with video – (Plus, discover the 7 conversion-killing-money-sucking-black-hole-video myths before they destroy your confidence)

The single most powerful formula for high click-through subject lines: We analyzed hundreds of broadcasts amounting to more than 12,000,000 opt in emails sent. Discover the simple formula which drives the top 5% of performers! (Plus, freely steal any of our 38 best subject lines for your own use)

A Fully Documented, Step By Step,
A to Z Conversion System



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Total Conversion Code by Glenn Livingston & Terry Dean

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