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*SEO & Traffic penalty* recovery need not be shrouded in mystery. Anyone can learn to do it, but there is some serious training required.

There are several hours of online webinar training session inside this

penalty recovery and prevention course. But it is WELL worth the time to

take the training! Some students have easily made $3,000 to $5,000

dollar per client with the skills they have learned within this SEO & Traffic

training course.

In the Traffic Hospital training course, Jimmy Kelley will walk you through the process of recovering a website from SEO & Traffic penalties. during

this process you will also learn the secrets of how to avoid getting

your website SEO & Traffic penalized in the first place. We call this SEO & Traffic prevention.

There are several other topics that we will cover in this course.

Reconsideration requests, for example. You will know when a

reconsideration request should and should not happen.

Penalty recovery and penalty removal of unnatural links is also a

significant part of fast SEO & Traffic*recovery*. One of the main indicators that

your website has been penalized is a major traffic drop. For your

average website owner this traffic drop is the main thing that gets

their attention and causes them to suspect that their website has been


There are many penalty assessment services on the market. The problem is figuring out which services and SEO & Traffic experts know what they are talking

about and which ones are simply submitting all of your backlinks to the

disavow tool. Professional SEO & Traffic penalty recovery is simply not that easy.

We will show you how to think like a true recovery expert and not just a

common disavow service.

Google penalties are many. You will also need to know the difference

between a Google panda penalty and the Google penguin penalty. There are

also several other types of little-known penalties that will be explored

within this course. Jimmy Kelley and Sue Bell are some of the best

traffic recovery experts in the world, and you will learn many of their


You will also learn how it is possible to set up an SEO & Traffic service with

advanced and professional link removal services. After taking this

course, you will no longer second-guess yourself when it comes to the

proper use of the disavow tool and the proper process of disavowing links.

Negative SEO & Traffic is on the rise, and as we move into the era of content

broadcasting and content marketing you will find that SEO & Traffic prevention

will become the new standard in an era of ever-growing online link




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Traffic Hospital by Jimmy Kelley