Travis Stevens – Fundamentals & Concepts


Travis Stevens – Fundamentals & Concepts

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Concepts when in closed guard

São Paulo passing

Hip control ground breaking

Concepts when doing closed guard

Knee strike to triangle

Cross choke in closed guard

Concepts when you’re looking to pass the half guard

Weave pass from half guard

Half guard pass with knee cut


Concepts controlling from bottom half guard

Under hook to double leg from half guard

Concepts from side control top position  

Kimura from side control top position  

Bottom side control concepts for recovery

Single Leg recovery

Mount concepts

Cross choke from mount

Mount concepts from bottom

Keeping mount escape


Back control

Collar choke from the back

Defending the back concepts

Step over back escape

Turtle concepts

Collar choke from turtle

Concepts for defense

Single leg turtle escape


Arm bar concepts

Choke concepts

Stand up concepts

Pulling half guard

Pulling closed guard 


Travis Stevens is a judoka and Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner from the United States who competed in the 2008, 2012, and 2016 Summer Olympics. He competes in the men’s half-middleweight division. On August 9, 2016, Stevens became the third American male judoka to win a silver medal in the Olympics.


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Travis Stevens – Fundamentals & Concepts