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What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-part transformational intensive, Tree will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to transmute your difficult emotions into potent energies that can liberate and empower your greatest strengths.

This course will feature teachings, training sessions, and experiential practices with Tree. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to “catch” yourself in the midst of giving away your power (and energy), and more readily navigate a more self-empowering response — and life.

Module 1: Laying the Foundation for a Life of Freedom, Purpose & Joy

Expand your vision of who you are… In this first module, you’ll start to remember your true Self and tap into the divine flow of your own immense power with clarity and focus.

You’ll gain insights to help reveal your spiritual purpose as an empath and infuse meaning into your past experiences — your most difficult challenges and suffering — to gain a broader appreciation for everything you’ve endured. And you’ll gain wisdom that can help you navigate as a sensitive soul in an insensitive world.

You’ll discover:

An empath’s true purpose (and why you absorb everyone else’s energy)
The 3 Infinite Truths that will set you free — for a life with purpose, meaning, and joy
The difference between who you really are and who you think you are
The 4 stages of emotional awakening for empaths and sensitive souls
An ancient healing technique to clear your energy and release emotional blocks

Module 2: Discovering Your Evolutionary Path — Stage 1: The Identifier

Where are you on the empathic evolutionary scale?

You’ll explore a day in the life of a “first stage” empath – the Identifier (you may even recognize yourself). You’ll learn what makes the Identifier tick — her triggers and mental patterns, as well as her default emotional state.

There’s one thing all Identifiers do that cause their own suffering. We’ll explore this in depth, and you’ll learn an exercise to move from a place of suffering (in the moment) to a place of power, within seconds – a practice you can do in the midst of your painful emotions to transform your pain into power.

You’ll discover:

The one thing you do that causes your emotional suffering and how to stop
How to move from any painful emotion (angry, anxious, sad, etc.) to a place of calm empowerment — within seconds
Why you’re emotionally and energetically exhausted at the end of the day
How to stop absorbing other people’s emotions
A technique to help you detach from the chatterbox inside your head

Module 3: Rising Out of Identifier Mode — Stage 2: The Survivor

The Survivor has risen out of Identifier mode and is no longer completely imprisoned by her past demons — but the memories of them still pull her back. If you’ve ever felt trapped, stuck in repeating patterns in relationships, finances, career, or life, you’ll discover that the end of the Survivor stage is where you start to break free from these invisible chains.

You’ll discover how to access what’s truly important to your soul (it’s not what you think) so you can finally let go of the past and follow a new purpose-driven course for your future. Your perspective will broaden and you’ll start to see opportunities you’ve never seen before — that were always there, but you just couldn’t see them yet.

You’ll discover:

How to awaken to the story that’s running your life
Why not having a clear compass to follow will keep you bound to the past
How to create a new soul-driven path so you never get lost again
Why you’ve gone through the things you’ve gone through — and how to gain a greater appreciation for even the most painful experiences
The science behind why you keep telling the old stories, and the power of telling new stories

Module 4: Glimpsing the Freedom & Joy Awaiting You — Stage 3: The Observer

The Observer takes in the world and gets a better understanding of what it’s like to be detached from the drama of the Identifier and Survivor. This stage is the beginning of your true freedom and the boundless joy that awaits you.

In this session, you’ll dispel the myths around detachment and learn the answers to common questions, such as, “Does detachment mean I have to give up my desires?” You’ll also start to become more silent inside, even if the outside world is still screaming. And you’ll gain a deeper appreciation and acceptance for what is and what has been — as you begin to tap into the Divine Flow of life and become more aware of and connected to a greater energy beyond yourself.

You’ll discover:

What it’s like to live in peace with the world
A simple technique for when you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or emotional
How to minimize the noise in your head
How to become friends with your ego — also known as your false or little self
A sensory practice to help you become more present in the Now

Module 5: Letting Go of Control — Stage 4: The Alchemist

The Alchemist navigates her daily life with awareness — of how she reacts to people and situations and what drives her.

In this session, you’ll discover a third option for working with your emotions — beyond expressing or suppressing — and what it means to transmute your emotions. You’ll discover that surrender does not mean going along with what everyone else wants. And you’ll gain insights for how to let go of control (trying to run your own life, manipulate your reality, etc), as well as real-life practical advice on how to become more trusting in the Universe.

You’ll discover:

What it means to live “in the flow” where every action is inspired by Source
The art of surrender
A third option beyond expressing or suppressing your emotions
Why forgiveness doesn’t matter in this stage
How energy transference works and how to transfer energy to others to help them heal

Module 6: Deepening Your Spiritual Practice From the ‘Transcendental Plane’

When you’ve worked through the 4 Stages of Emotional Awakening for empaths, you become more aware of and in touch with the Transcendental Plane — although it’s been there all along.

In this session, you’ll discover how to deepen your spiritual practice of listening, trusting, and following guidance from this realm of higher knowing, including how to tap into the power of your intuition and tell the difference between a thought in your head and guidance coming from the Plane.

You’ll explore the practices of channeling and mediumship, and how to become more open to guidance coming from this dimension — and use it in your everyday life. You’ll also look at how all your life experiences — good and bad — have been a roadmap to your higher Self, as well as how to read the signs, you never noticed before, and what to look for going forward so you can embody more of your Divine Self in everyday life.

You’ll discover:

What your emotions have been trying to tell you all along
How to bridge the perceived gap between the Spiritual and the Human (physical/material)
How to open yourself up to receive wisdom and guidance from the Transcendental Plane
How to use your human challenges to help strengthen your trust in Spirit

Module 7: Incorporating Your Emotional Awakening Into Your Everyday Life

This final session will be a recap of what you’ve learned so far, including the 3 Infinite Truths and the 4 Stages of Emotional Awakening. You’ll discover tips for moving forward as an empath with this new knowledge and how to integrate all you’ve learned into your everyday life.

You’ll discover:

How everything you’ve learned ties together
Common pitfalls that often follow the end of any learning experience
Practical tools to keep you inspired and doing the work long after the course has ended
A powerful guided meditation to help you connect with the soul of who you are, so you can return there any time you’ve lost sight of yourself …


Tree Franklyn is a co-author of the #1 bestselling Amazon book, 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul, and founder of

With her whimsical muse, Stick Girl, she helps highly sensitive, introverted women manage their overwhelming emotions so they can use their sensitive traits to stop hiding and start creating the life they want.


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Tree Franklyn – Emotional Awakening for Sensitive Souls