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The Ultimate Man Project is a vision to empower men to develop all sides of their masculinity into a position of power in their own social and dating lives and becoming confident, grounded men with total control over their happiness.

With years of experience mastering and teaching “The Art of Seduction”, the three head coaches of UMP help men transform themselves into the kind of men who effortlessly, meet, sleep, and keep high-quality women in their lives.

Using proven psychological strategies to create attraction, deep connections and influence over attractive women we help you learn the skill of going from seeing a stunning woman to having her part of your life.

Believing in a holistic philosophy we work with you on developing both the verbal social skills as well as working on who you are at your very core and develop your masculinity to supercharge your “game” so that you become the kind of man who commands attention, respect and admiration in any room.

On this website you can find our newsletter, links to free videos and webinars, as well as information on how to apply for our high-end programs and open-to-everyone products.



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Ultimate Man Project – Mastermind