V. Matveev – Training Program 2


V. Matveev – Training Program 2

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“Aikido training course” video The most complete examination of the method, given from numerous perspectives, stressing the fundamental components of its efficient usage, as well as analysis of common errors, enables anybody to learn this skill. Vyacheslav Matveev, Vice-President of the Aikido Federation of Russia and Responsible Instructor of the Moscow Aiki Club, holds a 1st dan in Aikido Aikikai Hombu Dojo and demonstrates the technique. Aikido’s origins are traced back to Japan. Base (Reisiki ritual, warm-up, movement technique, pair exercises, belaying, attacks used in Aikido). The sixth Kyu technique (protection from being seized by the hand of the same name by technicians: IRIMINAGE, KOTEGAESHI, DAYIKKE, SHIHONAGE, KAITENNAGE, DAYSANKE).


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V. Matveev – Training Program 2