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The majority of women have numb, under-functioning vaginas.

Can your vagina shoot ping pong balls?

You are not alone if you cannot. This vital life skill is not acquired by 99.9% of women. You’ll have more (and greater) orgasms and be able to make your boyfriend ejaculate (or not!) with only the power of your vagina. You could even learn to ejaculate on your own!

A woman who is separated from her libido and her vagina is at a significant disadvantage.

This condition is exacerbated by a weak vagina. If you can’t even feel your vagina, you can’t tune into your sexual energy and pleasure.

I’m not shocked when ladies come to me with no desire for sex.

Women all around the world suffer from the crippling issue of not having enough (or any) sexual pleasure in their lives.

The consequences of a boring vagina and an unfulfilling sex life permeate everything: your relationship, your profession, your family, and your friends.

Everything is drawn into this vortex, affecting your quality of life.

And what lady wants to have sex when she can’t even feel anything?!

When I talk about vaginas that shoot ping pong balls, open beer bottles, and set world records, these aren’t outliers (though they are currently).

These are things that every woman can accomplish.

Vaginal Kung Fu is as follows:

An 8-week Virtual Salon to Tone and Strengthen the Vagina and Boost Your Orgasms

Salon 1

Respect Yourself

– Fundamental strategies for using sexual energy

– Be open to your vagina’s healing and rejuvenating power.

Salon 2

Make Yourself

Why orgasms are your limitless power source and how to maximize their potential

Salon 3

Refresh Yourself

How to make menstruation and menopause exhilarating and renewing rather than tiring

Salon 4

Your Breast Identity

How to Increase the Sensitivity and Orgasmicity of Your Breasts

Salon 5

You Must Heal Yourself

How to get rid of genital numbness, humiliation, or discomfort so you may enjoy pleasure more fully, whether alone or with a partner.

Salon 6

Educate Yourself

Few people are aware of how to leverage your feminine and sexual power to increase your life’s mission.

Salon Highlights

– Weekly jade egg/vaginal strengthening exercise with a guide

– Guided meditations to help you recover and rediscover your sexual and vaginal power and pleasure.

– Core strengthening exercises once a week


– Your Vaginal Kung Fu Kit, which includes a jade egg, a silk carry pouch, and rose quartz lifting stones.

– Introduction to Ejaculation

– Orgasmic Childbirth

– Prescriptions for Sex Position

– Jingle it!


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Vaginal Kung Fu