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Vagner Rocha Savage Back Attacks Vol.3

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Vagner Rocha’s Savage Back Attacks gives you the ability to control and submit even the toughest and most skilled from the back!
Vagner Rocha’s Savage Back Attacks allows you to melt your opponent and make them literally beg you to stop!
No one is used to the savage way that Vagner gets his chokes and submissions from the back. He first secures his position and then he applies what he calls “Face Harassment” to open up a menu of chokes and subs from the back. Even experienced black belts get frustrated and end up giving in to the onslaught… The beauty is 90% of this is perfectly legal, but most people don’t use it!
Right now you can get this full system for the first time ever revealed in this special launch bonus limited time opportunity.
Hi, my name is Vagner Rocha and I am a 3 time Abu Dhabi Trials Champion, ADCC Bronze Medalist, Multiple time EBI Finalist, Combat Jiu Jitsu Champion, and UFC Veteran. I started training in Jiu Jitsu 20 years ago under Jorge and Pablo Popovitch.
Over the last 3 years I have been staying super busy on the competition scene facing some of the best grapplers in the world…
My question is….
What is the best position in BJJ to get the finish against a top level opponent?
The Back!
I learned to get very good at taking the back using my 50/50 of the Arms Kimura Funnel System
I had to develop a system that when I get to the back…I would finish no matter what!
The normal attacks were not working against the top level BJJ athletes!
Their defense and discipline was too good!
So I kept refining and refining what I call “Face Harassment” techniques to make even the toughest and skilled opponents melt under my pressure!
It wasn’t until EBI overtimes rules starting spreading all over the world that I got to display the savage ways I get the choke from the back!
I truly believe with my system, you will finish at a 90% success rate from the back, even against the best guys!
Tournament after tournament, match after match, I developed the system even more and integrated it with my 50/50 of the Arms Kimura Back Takes!
I have now perfected the system and am ready to share it with the world!!
VOLUME 3: Super Back Takes And Bonus
Turtle Back Control Before Back Take
Top Turtle Pull Over Back Take
Top Turtle Roll Over Back Take
Top Turtle Peel The Leg Back Take
Top Turtle Dante Leon Back Take
Leo Viera Super Rolling Back Take
Leg Lock Defense To The Back Take
Side Control Back Take 1
Side Control Back Take 2
Side Control Back Take 3
Turtle To Crucifix Face Harassment Finish
Back Take From Take Down Sprawl Position
BONUS 1. Back Defense And Positioning
BONUS 2.Body Triangle Escape!
BONUS 3.Bear Crawl Back Escape



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Vagner Rocha Savage Back Attacks Vol.3