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Welcome to ” Lie Detection Course ”

How To Be A Human Lie Detector

Never miss a lie again. Learn how to spot deception and uncover hidden emotions. Follow our science backed framework and unlock the secret language of lies.

Read people’s true intentions with confidence

In a ten minute conversation you are likely to be lied to two to three times. You might not even realize how often the people in your life are being deceitful.

91% of people lie regularly at home and at work.

It’s time you get the tools to better equip yourself and tell truth from fiction.

This course will teach you how to spot lies and uncover hidden emotions in the people you interact with. In this course you will learn how to:

  • Improve your lie-spotting abilities to up to 90% accuracy
  • Decode hidden emotions
  • Increase the honesty of your interactions
  • Learn the secrets of body language

More importantly, you’ll have more honest interactions with the people in your life.

The science of learning lie detection

This course is not fluffy, vague concepts. This is a science-backed system.

Vanessa has boiled down the science of lie detection into a 5-Step framework so anyone can master it.

However, She has to be really, really clear here.

Lie detection is not a simple or easy science. It will take serious practice. This course is jam packed. I move fast, I do not repeat myself and you will have to practice to get your accuracy up to 90%.

Overview: 5 science backed steps to becoming a lie detection master

  • Baselining – speed read anyone.
  • Emotional Baselining – don’t confuse fear and guilt.
  • Red Flags – learn the statistical cues to deceit.
  • Clustering – find dishonesty behind words.
  • Confirmation – follow up with lies and prevent them in the future.



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Vanessa Edwards – Lie Detection Course