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Vanessa Van Edwards – The Power of Negotiation

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Do you get uncomfortable asking for what you want?

Do you worry about how much you are worth?

Do you have a hard time saying “no” and standing up for yourself? Do you feel like you are always getting the short end of the stick? It’s time for you to learn the science of negotiation. No longer lose clients, not get that raise you deserve, and finally, stop being the underdog.

Join Vanessa Van Edwards, published author and behavioral investigator, who has been featured on NPR, Forbes, CNN and USA Today, who will teach you her never-been-taught-before personal negotiation strategies.

We negotiate all the time — from job interviews to client meetings to mattress buying to getting your spouse to the do the dishes. Everyone needs to understand the dynamics of powerful negotiations.

This class is for you if you:

Agonize about claiming your worth

Have a fear of saying no because you think you might offend someone.

Worry about negotiations because you are afraid they might turn into confrontations

Have a lack of confidence when standing up for what you want.

Are uneasy because you know you could be making more money in your job or business, but you don’t know how to ask.

Learn Vanessa’s new research, get word-for-word swipe files, scripts, and Vanessa’s personal formula for negotiation that she has never given out before.

In this class you will:

Learn the science behind negotiation so you can take more control over your negotiations.

Know and prove your worth so you can ask for what you need.

How to predict a “no” coming on and how to pivot to turn it into a faster “yes”.

How to identify boss or client’s reservations so you can prepare your pitch or conversation.

This could be a day long class, but instead, it has been designed to be short, dense and digestible and something you can always go back to before heading into a negotiation.

Our goal is for you to watch and rewatch this course anytime you are about to step into a negotiation room.


Class Introduction

Before the Negotiation – Assess Your Assets

Before the Negotiation – Diagnose Their Pain

Before the Negotiation – Do Due Diligence

Before the Negotiation – Interest Matchmaking

Before the Negotiation – Prep Purposefully

Before the Negotiation – Bring Aids

During the Negotiation – Prime Value

During the Negotiation – Ask, Ask, Ask

During the Negotiation – Leverage Agreement

During the Negotiation – Money Talk

During the Negotiation – Money Chasers

After the Negotiation

Bonus Lesson – Email Negotiation

Bonus Lesson – How to De-Escalate

Bonus Lesson – Dealing with Deadlock

Bonus – Case Study

Bonus Q&A with Vanessa



Vanessa Van Edwards is a behavioral investigator with Science of People and author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People (2017). She is also a body language trainer specializing in science-based people skills. She runs Science of People, a human behavior research lab in Portland, Oregon where she studies charisma, influence and power body language.


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Vanessa Van Edwards – The Power of Negotiation

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