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Victor Estima – Estima Lock

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Finally revealed! One of the secrets of the Estima brothers, the Estima lock is a dangerous foot lock developed by Victor Estima and used at the highest levels of competition by both Victor and his brother, world champion – Bráulio Estima. This foot lock comes on super fast and super strong. Some call this the strongest foot lock there is. On this instructional Victor carefully teaches all the details on how to set up and finish from various positions.



Victor Estima is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Carlos Gracie Junior, who worked extensively with Zé Radiola during the early years of his career. Victor made a name for himself as one of the top middleweight competitors of his generation, earning medals in important tournaments such as the European Open and World Championships, though he is remembered by many as one of the creators of the “Estima Lock“, a common submission used in jiu-jitsu and a position Victor created together with his older brother, Braulio Estima


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Victor Estima – Estima Lock