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[Video Course] Animate Animation by Bloop Animation

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Cool animations for YouTube, or 2D frame-by-frame animation for commercial use Made for Animators
We’ve designed this course to be tailored specifically for aspiring animators, or professional animators transitioning from a different program. Adobe Animate is simple to learn, but hard to master. We’ve brought in an amazing 2D animator to take you through the complete journey of making great animation using only Animate. We’ll show you how simple it is to get amazing results.

What will you learn?
We’ll start by going over the Animate interface, understanding how to work with different layouts, using the drawing tools, symbols, understanding the timeline and working with colors.

Animation Principles
After covering our bases, we’ll go over some basic principles of animation, like timing, spacing, and working in passes, just so we’re all on the same page.

Hand-drawn Animation
After knowing our way around Animate CC, we’ll dive straight into the nitty gritty of animating our first shot, using hand drawn, frame by frame animation. All the way from key posing to cleanup to final color.

Animating with Tweens
Then we’ll cover a different approach to animation, using tweening, which is one of Animate’s most powerful tools. We cover motion tween, classic tween and shape tween, using each for a different situation.

Storyboards and Animatic
We’ll take a moment to discuss storyboarding and show how to create an animatic directly in Animate. We’ll add some sound, and prepare our scene for final animation.

Animating a Rigged Character
And finally we’ll get to animating our second shot, this time using a rigged character instead of frame-by-frame animation. We’ll show how to rig the character from scratch (using parenting and the bone tool) as well as cover the process of lip-syncing.



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[Video Course] Animate Animation by Bloop Animation