[Video Course] How to play piano by Pamela D. Pike, TTC


[Video Course] How to play piano by Pamela D. Pike, TTC

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It’s a myth that in order to play the piano, would-be students require years of private instruction along with hours of tedious exercises. While it’s true that mastery of the piano is a lifelong process, anyone can learn to play a recognizable tune in a matter of minutes-and with the right guidance and a little encouragement, those first simple notes can put you on the path to one of life’s richest experiences.

How to Play Piano is your opportunity to pick up the marvelous skill of playing the piano. Taught by acclaimed pianist Professor Pamela D. Pike of Louisiana State University, these 36 accessible lessons give you the building blocks you need to go from an interested novice to an expressive and talented player, whether you have a grand piano or a simple electronic keyboard to work with.
Blending music theory and history with hands-on examples and step-by-step instruction, Professor Pike takes you on a journey from learning how to sit at the piano in the first place to inverting chords, arpeggios, sight-reading, and much more. The secret to this course is that Professor Pike invites you to learn by playing. You will be at the piano from minute one-and, in fact, you will learn how to play a melody from Beethoven’s Ode to Joy by the end of the first lesson.
Among other things, you will:
Learn basic scales and chords, and how to adapt them;
Walk through simple, easy-to-play practice pieces, ranging from popular standards to holiday staples;
Gain insight into the basic structure of music, how to build a harmony, and how to improvise;
Hone your ability to play “by ear” and sight-read music notation; and
Explore a range of different styles, which are all accessible and suited for the piano, from classical masterpieces to jazz, folk, blues, and even rock ‘n’ roll.
One of the best things about this course is that it is entirely self-guided. Professor Pike not only takes you through the basic foundations and advanced techniques of piano playing, she also teaches you how to practice and gives you assignments to work on between each lesson. After 36 lessons, you will come away from How to Play Piano armed with a tremendous skill set-as well as the confidence and know-how to continue your journey for years to come.
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[Video Course] How to play piano by Pamela D. Pike, TTC