Wbprofittrader – Fear Factor Breakout Trading System



Wbprofittrader – Fear Factor Breakout Trading System

Wbprofittrader – Fear Factor Breakout Trading System

Price : $495/month
Sale Page : http://wbprofittrader.com/fear-factor-breakout-trading-system-course/

Your most powerful ally in recognizing, and capitalizing on the two most powerful forces operating in the market – fear and greed – is my PowerClose Fear Factor Breakout System. This specialized trading system teaches you to profit from the power of these basic human emotions that drive the price swings in every market and every time frame – every single day!!

I have always felt that the powerful predictive market dynamic was depicted in the CLOSE of a bar graph.  I felt all the potential energy for further price movement was in the CLOSE.  I completely believe in this idea. The energy is where fear and greed come together and that is always at the CLOSE of any bar graph.

Sample chart – Mexican Peso / USD 5 Min Chart. HeikenAshi Chart Indicator with ProfitTrader

The market traded and closed above or below congestion with a PowerClose pattern. These are your trade entries. We will teach our traders how to recognize these patterns in all times frames and how to place protective stop orders along the way. There is lots to learn and these patterns develop all day. Wait for them to develop and use the knowledge from our course to get in on these great trades.

Fear Factor Buy Sell Patterns

Topics covered in the Fear Factor Breakout System course include:
  • Setting Up Your Charts
  • Setting Up The Indicators
  • The PowerClose
  • Fear and Greed
  • The PowerClose Breakout System
  • Scanning for Congestion Patterns
  • Order Placement – The Entry
  • Order Placement – The Protective Stop
  • Order Placement – Moving Protective Stops
  • Order Placement – Money Management Ideas
  • Order Placement – Profit Targets – The Exit
  • Order Placement – The Reversal if the Entry is Incorrect
  • Conclusion The PowerClose Breakout System

The markets all have energy. The energy is at the close of each bar graph. I say everything that is known to every trader… is known at the close.

When I wrote the eBook the PowerScalper Trading Patterns, the third Pillar of Success is the PowerClose. The PowerClose dynamic proves over and over again all market moves start with a close in the direction of the anticipated price swing in all time frames.

Think of this – imagine a price swing that lasts for nine bars and that seven of the nine price bars made a higher closing price than their opening price … it’s obvious that by simply staying with the trend of higher closes that you can stay with the trade  until the pattern of higher closes exhausts itself. These patterns repeat again and again in every market and in every time frame. The PowerClose Fear Factor Breakout System teaches you to profit from the power of this highly predictable market dynamic – day in and day out!

I will demonstrate with both videos and pictures the PowerClose Fear Factor Breakout System. I will keep most the videos under five minutes each, but each one includes many chart examples that will help you quickly grasp all the key concepts. The goal is to help you become a better trader, and a great way to make money consistently is to trade off of the fear of other traders. In the futures markets there is a buyer for every seller… this is the open interest of a market. And for every winner, there is a loser.

When you are on the winning side of a trade, it’s because of the fear of OLDER traders and the greed of NEW traders.  New traders may also feel the fear of not being in on this new trade and that they HAVE to get in on the new trade.

Sample 15 Minute British Pound Currency Chart

fear factor pb.

It’s time to put fear in your back pocket and capitalize on the trade setups where this fear is creating a potential profit opportunity and grab them with both hands!

Sample SP500 10 Minute Chart

PowerClose Fear Factor System

The fear of losing money is so powerful that some traders start to sweat as soon as they put a trade on. They become a different person during the trade.

Most traders are not thinking about the money they could make… instead they are thinking about the money they can lose. Even when the traders are up on an open trade, they will look to get out prematurely because of the fear they may give back what they have already made. It’s been proven over and over by cold, hard statistics that traders will stay with a losing trade three times longer than they do with their winning trades. But by simply learning the key concepts in the Fear Factor Breakout System you can quickly put other trader’s fears to work for you by simply doing the opposite of what the vast majority of losing traders do – day in and day out.

Are you are one of the losing traders who rides losing trades and cuts winning trades short?

The Fear Factor Breakout System will help you turn the powerful forces of fear and greed around to work for you, not against you!

This course will help turn the tides in your favor and show you ways to stay with winning trades a lot longer than you would expect.

You will also learn to close a trade as soon as market signals a high-probability exit point.

You will also learn when to cut a losing trade, preserve your trading capital and patiently wait for the next high-probability trade setup to appear.

You will become more confident as you place, manage and your trades – without being crippled by needless and destructive fears.

Example – 15  Minute Euro Currency – Our work looks for congestion, then a move above or below it with a CLOSE in that direction… We look for our ProfitTrader RedLine to turn in the same direction.


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Wbprofittrader – Fear Factor Breakout Trading System