Wendy De Rosa – Energy Healing for Empaths & Intuitives A Virtual Retreat



Wendy De Rosa – Energy Healing for Empaths & Intuitives A Virtual Retreat

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New 7-Session Live Online Retreat Starts

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

This virtual retreat will feature LIVE teachings, interactive training sessions, experiential practices, and guided healings with Wendy. Each session will build upon the previous ones, creating a holistic experience of Wendy’s signature depth-practices, tools, and techniques.

Day 1: How to Ground Deeply Into Your Power as an Empath (Wednesday, May 27 at Noon Pacific)

Being an intuitive, empath, or highly sensitive person in these challenging times can certainly feel overwhelming. And your perception is likely off the hook right now, sensing all that’s unfolding in your life and around the world.

As an empath and intuitive, you likely developed your skills of perception out of a coping mechanism, a need for survival, or as a way to bond with others. While years of work can help develop energetic and emotional boundaries, a crisis can throw you right back into turmoil.

Many of us learned to “vacate” our lower bodies, thinking it was safer to leave the security of our grounding — especially when we tend to experience intense sensations and emotions, including other people’s.

This opening session will set the foundation for the retreat — and the foundation you’ll need to access, clear, and heal your entire energy body to ground deeply — even in the face of challenges.

In this powerful opening session, you’ll:

Discover advanced energy-clearing practices to transform deeply embedded patterns in your entire energy body

Reinforce the power of your root chakra to deepen your grounding and anchor you during the retreat — and these ungrounded times

Understand why your soul incarnated now, and your unique role and gifts as an empath

Learn how fear impacts your grounding and how to bless and release negative emotions from your energetic field

Deepen your presence to access your intuition and Divine guidance

Day 2: Breaking Down to Rebuild — The Purpose, Power & Shadow of Uprooting (Friday, May 29)

Morning Session: Energy Clearing to Reset Following Fear Contraction (9:00am Pacific)

Deep-rooted fear is often unconscious, embedded in your spiritual DNA and woven into your daily thoughts and actions. It can be so old that it’s intermingled with your earliest memories and feels as much “you” as you do.

In this morning session, you’ll build on the foundation that you began in the opening session, to expand and deepen your grounding.

Wendy will share advanced energy-healing practices to help you access and release layers of fear and stuck emotions, so you can more fully inhabit your lower body — and stay deeply connected to your grounding anchor points.

In this session, you’ll:

Recognize the ways you’ve been taught and not taught to have fear in order to survive

Understand how a root chakra contraction causes a collapse in the energy body

Explore shadow aspects embedded in your energy field that manifest as a variety of coping mechanisms

Realize how fear and anxiety undermine your empathic boundaries

Discover where fear imprints in your body are impeding the energy of power, trust, identity, and self-love… and how to heal them

Afternoon Session: The Power of Emotions for Clarifying Boundaries & Strengthening Your Energy System (1:00pm Pacific)

You might be experiencing emotions rising to the surface that you’ve been suppressing (it’s often what happens when we’re forced to slow down). You’re likely sensing heightened emotions of those around you. You’re vulnerable to taking on too much in an attempt to help however you can.

While your intuitive gifts are more valuable than ever, these surges of emotions can be overwhelming, destabilizing, and they can cause illness.

However, you can learn to stay grounded, rooted deeply into your lower chakras, and truly thrive as an empowered empath in these challenging days by embracing your emotions.

In fact, emotions, and clairsentience (sensing emotions in others), are essential in setting and holding energetic, emotional, and physical boundaries. Both emotions and boundaries are critical to maintaining the health of your entire energetic system — leading to mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing too.

In this session, you’ll:

Experience a clearing of shame wounds to access deeper levels of healing

Release the pattern of absorbing others’ energy in order to survive

Realize how being “nice,” “good,” “pleasing,” and “peaceful” enable co-dependent dynamics and weak energetic boundaries

Name the unseen and unspoken energy to free your voice and reclaim your emotional center

Be guided in an energy clearing to find your emotional center and reconnect to your Divine essence

Day 3: Deep Guided Healings to Detox Your Overloaded Energy Body (Saturday, May 30)

Morning Session: Reignite the Fire of Your Inner Light & Reclaim Your Worthiness (9:00am Pacific)

Your body only has the ability to digest according to how much power is fueling your digestive center. The solar plexus energy digests food and life. If you’re feeling overloaded with energy, overwhelmed, fatigued, sluggish, or you’re getting headaches, it’s likely your third chakra is digesting the indigestible.

It literally can’t digest all the energy, food, or emotions entering into this area of your body — especially if the energy and emotions are not yours. In order to support a strong core, boundaries, and center, Wendy will help you discover where your power has extinguished… and reignite the fire of your inner light.

In this session, you’ll:

Receive healings to clear toxic energy that disempowers your personal will and selfhood in your third chakra

Understand how ego blows impact your sense of self and undermine your personal boundaries

Rebuild your inner flame of will, confidence, and strength… so you’re empowered to manifest your true self into the world

Restore and reinforce your personal energetic boundaries in response to unfolding events around the world

Clear your digestive system of the energy that penetrates your field, to “digest” and move safely out of your system

Explore essential healing practices for detoxing heavy emotions (such as fear, shame, and guilt) and resetting your emotional center

Afternoon Session: Soul Activation & Strengthening Your Pillar of Light (1:00pm Pacific)

Your central channel is the core of your emotional, energetic, and physical health. Located in the midline of your body, from your grounding in the Earth to the upper chakras above your physical body, it’s your main pipeline of life-force energy. This internal pillar of light is the key to restoring your health, wellbeing, and sense of self — including self-worth, self-love, and self-care.

The pillar of light holds the truth of your soul, and in a healthy, vibrant state it contains nothing but your soul and Divine light.

Wendy will guide you in clearing out negative energy that’s blocking the healing flow of life-force energy in your pillar of light so you can tune in more deeply to your inner knowing, soul’s truth, and Divine guidance.

This session includes material that’s totally new to Wendy’s previous students and specific to these times.

In this session, you’ll:

Delve into depth-healing practices to bring conscious awareness to the core beliefs (and stagnant energy) in your central channel

Experience a soul activation and healing to clear your central channel — from your Earth grounding to higher levels of consciousness in your upper chakras

Receive a healing practice to awaken the light of your true self in your central channel and experience an infusion of Divine light

Release emotional and energetic blocks that are keeping you from connecting to the most powerful parts of yourself

Receive a guided healing to immerse yourself in Divine love as you relax, let go, and allow the wisdom of your soul to emerge

Day 4: Activating & Integrating Your Soul’s Essence (Sunday, May 31 at 9:00am Pacific)

Building on previous sessions, this session will open you to deeper integration to support the level of healing you’ve experienced, and allow you to ground into the renewed connection to both your inner and Divine guidance.

To sustain the experience of your soul activation, you’ll establish new grounding anchor points — in your energetic, emotional, and physical bodies — for your newfound awareness to integrate.

This step is vital because it’s what allows you to replace previous imprints in your spiritual DNA, at a cellular level, with the infusion of Divine light. This supports your body to release what’s in your system that does not support your power.

Releasing is also critical to making space for and honoring your emotions. Wendy will guide you in grounding your emotions and embodying your power in your lower chakras. You’ll put the final pieces in place to set your energetic foundation, so that you operate from your center as an empowered empath.

In this session, you’ll:

Integrate your soul activation and embed this new awareness in your spiritual DNA at the cellular level

Practice energetically strengthening your spiritual backbone to support your being

Increase your capacity for empathy without losing yourself and vacating your lower body

Release emotional blocks of shame, guilt, and fear that keep you in the spiritual closet… while the Universe is calling on you to emerge

Experience a guided integration process to ground the activation of your soul’s essence

Day 5: Closing Session — Your Role as an Empath (Wednesday, June 3 at Noon Pacific)

Part of the role of an empath — especially during times of chaos — is to maintain deep grounding and model clear energetic and emotional boundaries. Most often, however, empaths need to first master this learning for themselves. From this grounded and empowered place, an empath can bring healing to their family, community, and beyond.

Empaths who draw their power from their center, rooted in their soul’s truth and Divine guidance, are fierce forces for change. They are able to shift their lives and positively impact the lives of others through their unique gifts — such as truth-telling, healer power, intuition/instinct, and creativity.

Your work in this world right now is to find your true self and live in your power from this authentic place. In doing so, you contribute to humanity’s evolutionary consciousness and are poised to teach others through your empathy, emotional capacity, and as a channel for Divine light.

As we bring this immersive experience to a close, you’ll:

Claim your place as an empowered intuitive or empath during these times of upheaval

Know how to care for your energetic, emotional, and physical bodies — so you can safely serve others

Embody who you are and why you’re here as a sensitive, empathic intuitive

Understand what’s needed for you to embody and share your unique intuitive healing gifts

Discover what it means to be an empowered and embodied empath now that our individual and collective consciousness has changed

Receive a guided healing to solidify the work you’ve done and embed a new imprint into your energetic and spiritual system …



Wendy De Rosa is an internationally respected intuitive energy healer, speaker, teacher, and author. For the past two decades, she has offered private sessions, education, and training programs for spiritual and personal growth for those wanting to develop their intuition, clear their blocks, and experience personal transformation.


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