Westside Barbell Power and Olympic Lifting


Westside Barbell Power and Olympic Lifting

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Westside Barbell


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Additional Information:

Crossfit is becoming the workout of choice for combat athletes.  Problem is some crossfit trainers don’t know proper Power Lifting and Olympic type lifts.  Study the movements of true lifters to get you technique down perfect.  

Westside Barbell Special Strengths


Special Strengths by Louie Simmons: The new video from Westside Barbell Club! This video focuses on training for special strengths required to take your training program to the next level. Packed full of the newest methods used by WBC.

This DVD will show you:

  * Lactic Acid Training

  * Speed Strength Training

  * Concentric Strength Training

  * Box Squat Training

  * Intensive Load Training

  * Circa-Max Training

  * Contrast Training

  * Virtual Force Training

  * Explosive Strength Training

  * Eccentric Strength Training

  * Restoration Training

  * GPP Training

  * Maximal Strength Training

Who is this Louie Simmons guy?

Louie Simmons is no stranger to the lifting community. He totaled his Elite in 5 weight classes in the sport of power lifting and is regarded as the best power lifting coach on the planet. Through his methods Westside Barbell Club has become known as the strongest gym in history. 900 pound squats and 700 pound bench presses are common place at Westside. Now, through Louie’s videos and DVD you can learn the same principles and secrets used to develop some of the strongest lifters in the world.

Olympic-style Weightlifting

by Jim Schmitz 

The best way to learn how to snatch and clean and jerk is to get a good coach–and they don’t come any better than Jim Schmitz: three-time coach of the USA Olympic weightlifting team, founder and owner of The Sports Palace gym in San Francisco, and absolutely one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable people you will find in the sport. Jim lays out his proven approach in the number one how-to manual in the sport, and brings everything to life in the companion DVD–rustic in production quality; it’s first-rate in terms of content. About 2-1/2 hr

PLEASE NOTE: While the DVD has gold medal quality content, it is a home video production, with the first couple of minutes being a little rough. Please do not buy the DVD if you are looking for a slick Hollywood production; however, if you want to learn how to lift from an expert, get this DVD and start pulling. 

Dead Lift Secrets 

By Louie Simmons

The 2nd in the series of secret tapes, this discusses the best structure for deadlifting and how to improve it through training and special exercises. Learn how to do conventional or sumo style deadlifts. See a live deadlift workout. Approximately 1 hr long

Bench Press Workout 

By Louie Simmons

This video shows both max effort and dynamic workouts from Westside with benching using chains, bands, floor press and other special routines to improve your bench total. It also shows extensions and other triceps work or exercises for your weak areas.

Bench Press Secrets 

By Louie Simmons

This video is the 3rd in Louie’s secrets series and has already been updated to include more recent workouts done by the Westside gang! Louie discusses the correct form of benching. Learn how to bench and special exercises to improve weak areas. This tape shows weight releasers, chains, bands, board presses, pin presses, and extension work. You will see a dynamic bench workout done on speed day at Westside. Approximately   1 hr.

Squat Workout 

By Louie Simmons

Louie Simmons explains the max effort and dynamic effort workouts that build your squats and deadlifts. See workouts done by Westside lifters live at the gym. It includes special exercises such as arch back good mornings, glute-ham raises, reverse hypers and much much more. Approximately 3 hrs.



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Westside Barbell Power and Olympic Lifting