William Bronchick – Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Advanced eCourse (Real Estate)



William Bronchick – Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Advanced eCourse (Real Estate)

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Learn How Wholesaling REALLY Works in TODAY’s Real Estate Market

(Now Available in Affordable Online eCourse Format)

Dear Friend,

If you are tired of running out of cash every month because your job or business doesn’t provide you with the cash flow you need, then I have the perfect solutions – WHOLESALING HOUSES for quick cash profits. I got started wholesaling because I was broke, had no credit and had tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt. Despite being told “It can’t be done”, I did 18 deals my first year, paid off all my credit cards and student loans, and generated a cash reserve of over $30,000. Not bad for someone started out with no credit, no cash, and no real estate experience. I had a burning desire and I invested in the knowledge it took by going to real estate seminars and applying what I had learned.

That was then, this is NOW. I know you’ve probably heard of wholesaling, but what you really need to learn is what’s working in TODAY’s turbulent real estate market. Many people teaching wholesaling have no clue what really works because they haven’t done a deal in years. I’ve got my finger on the pulse of what’s working in today’s market and I’ll going to share it with you in my BRAND NEW self-study course, “The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling”.


The old-fashioned way of wholesaling is dead, long live the wholesale. What? I am saying that wholesaling is alive and well, but the way to go about it has completely changed. The marketing has changed. The contracts have changed. The closing has changed. The funding has changed. “Flipping” has become a dirty word and many title companies and real estate brokers won’t touch a flip with a 10 foot pole. This is why after 18 years of doing real estate, I’ve completely revamped the way I do business, and so should you!

Here’s a few examples…

OLD WAY – Double closing a short sale with no funds of your own

NEW WAY – Double closing with funds from a “FLASH CASH” lender (chapter 6)

OLD WAY – Assigning a bank contract with the swipe of a pen

NEW WAY – Doing an “LLC assignment” (chapter 5)

OLD WAY – “We buy houses” signs

NEW WAY – The magic “3 solution” foreclosure letter (CD #3)

OLD WAY – Wait 90 days seasoning for your buyer

NEW WAY – Do a “reverse assignment” and close NOW (CD #5)

This is JUST A TASTE of what you will learn in the ULTIMATE GUIDE TO WHOLESALING IN TODAY’S MARKET self study program.

Here’s more of what you will learn…

15 Ways to Build a List of Investors to Wholesale Houses to in a Matter of Months

7 Ways to Market to Motivated Sellers EXCLUDING the MLS

How to Deal with Brokers So They Cooperate FULLY on Bank Owned Properties

How to Make a Bank-Owned Property Offer WITHOUT PROOF OF YOUR OWN CLOSING FUNDS

Practical Tips and Tricks for Getting Around the Lender Seasoning Rules

Six Ways to Do a Double Close in TODAY’s MARKET, even if the Bank Picks the Title Company!

How Make a Profit on HUD Properties

All of the legal and tax angles on wholesale deals

Proper disclosures to sellers and buyers

How to Negotiate Lender Short Sales the RIGHT Way

How to Negotiate With Motivated Sellers Like a Pro – Exactly What to Say to Get Someone on Your Side

How to Build Rapport with Sellers in Foreclosure – Even if You Can’t Sell Your Way out of a Paper Bag!

Door Knocking – How to Get Your Way in the Door

How to Evaluate, Negotiate and Assign an Owner Financed Deal

How to Estimate Fixup Costs, Step by Step – Even if you Never Picked Up a Hammer

And much, much more!

The manual is over 100 pages of real content, step-by-step instructions, and legal forms and checklists. In fact, the FORMS ALONE are worth twice your investment in the program! You get the forms filled out by example in the manual, plus a CD-ROM of editable MSWord forms (Mac and PC compatible).

The audio CDs are recorded from a live seminar with all the questions caught on tape.


William Bronchick is an attorney and best-selling real estate author with 20 years experience. He is the president and chairman of the College of American Real Estate Investors and host of “The Real Estate Expert” radio show in Denver and Houston.


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William Bronchick – Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Advanced eCourse (Real Estate)

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