Wing Tsun – Sifu Sergio Iadorola – Section One Chi Sao Part 1



Wing Tsun – Sifu Sergio Iadorola – Section One Chi Sao Part 1

Salepage : Wing Tsun – Sifu Sergio Iadorola – Section One Chi Sao Part 1

Archive : Wing Tsun – Sifu Sergio Iadorola – Section One Chi Sao Part 1

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Dear Friend,

Hundreds of years ago, the ancient monks of the Shaolin monastery discovered that a normal ocular response was not enough to stop significant incoming assaults at full speed. It simply takes too long. Think how much time it costs to recognize an assault on a visual basis. The signal has to be conveyed from the brain to the limbs for you to react and that just takes too much time.

Recent studies reveal it’s difficult for a person to block punches or to stop an attack at full speed based only just on a visual basis. It’s the same reason a goalie cannot save a penalty in a soccer match unless he leaps earlier in the right corner: it’s just too fast. The Shaolin monks consequently designed a particular reflex training regimen called ‘Chi Sao’, freely translated as ‘sticking hands’. This is a specific reflex training program that let’s you respond in a lot faster fashion and is the only way to block one hundred percent of incoming assaults each and every time. Your opponent will be startled, questioning himself precisely why he is not able to strike a single telling hit. Believe me, I have seen and felt it in action.

So how does it work?

It’s quite simple. Imagine I am standing behind you and all of a sudden I shove a needle into your leg. What will you do? Stay motionless and think about what you are about to say? Or will you just respond and jump up and yell anything you feel like? You got my point? You don’t have to think about it, it simply occurs.

That’s a REAL reaction based on sensation of touch. You cannot be misled by the sight. Let David Copperfield take care of that. The signal goes directly into the spinal cord and then your body will react. After applying the reflexes from the Chi Sao program you will react precisely how you should. You will compliment your opponent’s activity, not work against it. You will attach to him like superglue, absorbing and deflecting the incoming strikes without effort. Your sense of touch cannot be misled, that’s why the monks of the Shaolin monastery termed it a system, not a method.

A system works every single time. A technique might not.

Because unlimited combinations are available if we employ all the methods of the Wing Tjun system, the Grandmasters in the past established predetermined sequences in order to make sure that the full system was handed on to the next generation. It’s just wonderful! Like putting a new Windows XP or Vista operating system on to your own hard drive, all of the motions from the forms are inserted reflex by reflex at a time into your nervous system. Sounds like the future doesn’t it? Star Trek? The Matrix? No. The monks of the Shaolin temple were considerably ahead of their time. Now for the greatest part for you, since it is about YOU getting access to the finest manner of acquiring this unique Kung Fu technique.

Sifu Sergio Iadarola is one of the most competent masters I know in this profession, having trained directly under the top Grandmasters in Hong Kong and China for years. I know of no better person to teach you these skills, because he is also the greatest teacher I know in this field, and that is far more important for YOU. Just let the facts speak for themselves; this man has the single most successful Kung Fu school in the Netherlands, with well over 400 students and at the same time he runs an association with well over 6000 members.

He will teach you all the movements, concepts and principles of the 1st section of Chi Sao, step-by-step in the most detailed way. It’s like getting private lessons from the man himself, and this man currently charges 800 euro an hour for private lessons! Why? Because hundreds of people – and I literally mean hundreds – want to take private lessons from him, and now you can! You will save yourself the time and the cost of flying to China, finding a Grandmaster willing to teach you all these secrets through years and years of training and building up a relationship with your teacher in order for him to show you these once-secret concepts.

Sifu Sergio is one of only two Western persons who are certified as Master by the successor and Grandmaster of the Siu Lam (Chi Sim) Wing Tjun style grandmaster Cheng Kwong as well as having completely finished the Yip Man Wing Tjun Kung Fu system in 2001 under Grandmaster Leung Ting and Grandmaster Allan Fong

P.S. The Chi Sao Secrets Parts 1 will teach you all the inside secrets of this ancient Kung Fu exercise. Get your hands on this DVD now. You’ll never regret having this knowledge always ready to use, when the time arises. And I’m betting that someday that time will arise.


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Wing Tsun – Sifu Sergio Iadorola – Section One Chi Sao Part 1