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Yoga – 10 for 30

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10 minutes of Yoga for BJJ, every day, for 30 days.
Each day provides a new challenge with no two days being alike.
This program provides strength in the areas of the body that are commonly overlooked, improving not only flexibility and mobility but also balance and focus.
You are busy, we respect that, that is why we created the 10 for 30. We cut out the BS, and get right to the good stuff.
This program is designed for those who need yoga, but don’t have time.
Every minute has value, Challenging the body while keeping the mind engaged.
This program is created for energy building and blood flow first thing in the day, an afternoon pick me up, or even a warm up before your Jiu-Jitsu practice.
The question is: ‘Does ten minutes really make a difference?”
Yes. 100%.
We wouldn’t bother otherwise. We provide the program, but you need to make the time and put in the work. The return on investment will be worth it – we promise.
Small changes, over time, are what makes a real difference.



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Yoga – 10 for 30