YSB – He Jinbao – Nine Dragon Saber DVD


YSB – He Jinbao – Nine Dragon Saber DVD

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This martial arts DVD continues the documentation of the weapons of Yin style BaguaWeapons in Bagua are unique in that they are considered an extension of Bagua’s empty hand techniques, rather than seen as a separate system, as is the case with many styles.
Use of the large saber is a speciality of the Bagua school.
Its training can help practitioners to develop full body strength, coordination and endurance.
The Nine Dragon Saber form featured on this DVD contains ten distinct sections.
Each section contains its own unique flavor, differing in the use of stepping, body movement, saber technique.
He Jinbao gives a complete introduction to the techniques of each section including body movement, stepping and traditional technique names.
He then demonstrates the section slowly for beginners to follow along and familiarize themselves with the movements.
Next, there is a comprehensive discussion on the finer points for each section.
Finally, each section is shown practiced with power and fluidity.
He Jinbao began his study of Yin style Bagua with Dr.Xie Peqi in 1971.
He has dedicated himself to training, teaching, and documenting Yin style Bagua with the hope that future generations of practitioners will carry on its remarkable power and effectiveness.
This DVD features three camera angles, English translation and is 120 minutes in length.
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YSB – He Jinbao – Nine Dragon Saber DVD