Yuri Simoes – High Efficiency No Gi Jiu Jitsu Top Game



Yuri Simoes – High Efficiency No Gi Jiu Jitsu Top Game

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No Gi? No Problem..The Simple No Gi Solution To Takedown, Pass & Smash From One Of The Greatest No Gi Competitors On Earth.

Yuri Simoes’ No Gi Formula Will Show You All Of The Tips & Tricks That He Used To Win 2 ADCC Titles That You Can Use To Win In Class & In Competitions .

Yuri Simoes doesn’t mess around when he grapples.. He takes his opponent down, he passes, he submits. He has 2 ADCC Championship Gold Medals – which is equivalent to 2 Gold medals at the Olympics of Grappling, held only every 2 years.

The reality is that most people have no idea of what to do when standing in no gi, they kind of grab each others necks and pull and jerk and keep the local chiropractors busy, but score very few takedowns. Yuri wasn’t a high school wrestler, but he can take anyone down.. He’s taken down good college wrestlers, UFC Icons, Olympic Judokas and everyone he’s competed against in BJJ.  He has competed against all of the best grapplers in the entire world.  Yuri has faced the best of the best and been able to implement his game on almost everyone. Accelerate your NoGi game by 10 fold!

The funny thing is that taking down the BJJ guys is the easiest, most of them don’t even try to learn how to defend and with Yuri’s mind blowing easy system, you won’t believe how simple it is…  Yuri is an animal with his takedowns.  They are the best in Brazilian Jiu Jistu.  There have been several people who question whether or not Yuri had high school or college wrestling experience.  He understands the mechanics of how to manipulate his opponent while standing and how to take them down at will.  There is a lack of fundamentals on takedowns in bjj and Yuri’s system will show you the ropes. 


Opening the closed guard and pass

Steering wheel pass

Weave pass

Standing weave on inverted de la riva

2 handed shin pass to shelf

Smash pass from butterfly

Reverse de la riva horse kick

Details on reverse de la riva horse kick

Butterfly cradle to back take


Standing over/under with 3 finishes

Full speed for last technique

Breaking frames from half guard

Double over pass from half guard

Deep half cross face defense

Triangle from side control

Kimura from side control

Arm bar from kimura set up


Passing inverted guard

Passing inverted guard #2

Passing private class with Zenga

Passing private class #2

Over/under pass private class

The hell pressure turtle breakdown

High crotch single leg


Double leg

Single leg to double leg drill

3 counters to single leg

Under hook backside single

Fake uchi mata to ankle pick

Throw by takedown

Guillotine and guillotine takedown

The sticker


Yuri Simoes is one of the most successful competitive grapplers in the world today. He added his second ADCC World Championship to his competitive resume in 2017 and continues to represent the Caio Terra BJJ association on the highest stages in the world. Having overcome adversity and injury over his career, he continues to show that he is far from having reached the pinnacle of his development.


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Yuri Simoes – High Efficiency No Gi Jiu Jitsu Top Game

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