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I’m Revealing Step-by-Step How I Built

My 7-Figure Private Label Brand Empire on Amazon

Learn how I pick Winning Products for Amazon.

After covering the basics to get you going from zero, we go deep into picking profitable products that fit the brand you want to build, as well as the best ways to source, list, and start making sales on Amazon.

Learn how I Built and Scaled my Brands.

My unique approach to

long-term Brand Building that helped me scale my business in my 2nd year to generating millions in revenue.

Learn how I did it step-by-step.

Additional Support

Access to an EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group only open to course members. There you’ll be able to get 1-on-1 feedback with me as well as new resources and updates I share just for us.

You’ll be getting:

111 Videos: After months of live trainings with my students and seeing incredible progress, I made this course from scratch to walk you through every detail from starting to scaling a sustainable brand on Amazon.

Complete Step-by-Step instruction from Setting Up to Product Selection, Sourcing, and Launching ($1000+ Value)

Advanced Step-by-Step on How I Scaled My Brands into a 7 Figure Business in My 2nd Year ($2000+ Value on Branding and Scaling ALONE) Advanced sections are unlocked as you progress through the course.



Matt Loberstein is fairly well known in the Amazon FBA world.

There’s not really a ton out there about Matt besides his own Youtube channel.There he has over 27k subscribers but hasn’t posted a video in about 5 months (he was posting much more before:Matt’s videos are a mix of informational and clickbait videos which is what most Youtubers in the make money online world do.


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Zero To Brand by Matt Loberstein