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What you’ll discover
Discover how to become a billionaire by investing a tiny amount of money each month in one or two high-quality stocks.
Learn how to develop long-term wealth by investing in equities rather than index ETFs.

Learn about a fascinating, powerful, and lucrative alternative to passive index investing.

Learn time-tested guidelines for making great long-term investments.


Have a fundamental grasp of the stock market.


This course will cover a simple, effective approach for investing your monthly money. The idea is to demonstrate that anyone can become a billionaire by investing a modest amount each month in the stock market. This is my take on index investing.

If you ask someone how to invest in the stock market these days, they’ll probably recommend a low-cost index fund. SPY, for example, invests in 500 of the top US equities. VTI, from Vanguard, holds around 4000 equities.

Index investing has exploded in popularity. Index funds now account for more than 20% of US assets, and this proportion is rising. Some have even claimed that index funds account for more than 40% of all funds.

Now, I adore index funds because they make it so simple for anyone to participate in the stock market. But there are other methods to invest, and in this course I’d want to teach you one that I feel is more engaging, more enjoyable, and, if done correctly, more powerful than index funds.

Essentially, we’ll look at a strategy that invests in one or two high-quality equities each month.

You set aside some money each month and invest it in one or two high-quality assets. If you do this long enough, you’ll soon have a portfolio of tens or perhaps hundreds of different stocks, each purchased at a low price.

This is the strategy I’m employing to invest in stocks for my own retirement. So far, everything is going swimmingly. And I’ll teach you precisely how to achieve it in this course.

Make no mistake, this is a long-term strategy meant to increase your wealth over the course of 10, 20, or 30 years. This is not a plan for making you rich quickly or for a big amount; rather, it is a strategy for investing your monthly income or savings.

This is also a method that I’ve exhaustively backtested using historical data, and if you start now and stick to it, you can become a billionaire.

We will be focusing on two variables in this lesson. How much money can you save and how much money can you make?

These two criteria will determine how soon you may reach a million dollars.

Who should take this course:

Beginner investors who prefer to choose equities rather than buy index ETFs.

Anyone with a regular source of income who want to save and invest for retirement.

Investors seeking a dependable method of accumulating long-term wealth.

Anyone who aspires to become a millionaire by consistently investing in stocks.


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Zero To One Million – One Stock At A Time