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Emily Fletcher – Ziva Meditation

Ziva Meditation by Emily Fletcher

Price : $250
Sale Page : http://www.zivamind.com/

stress less. accomplish more.
Take Your Brain to the Gym
In only 8 days this online meditation training will teach you how to up level your performance and your life through meditation. You will have these powerful stress relieving tools to take with you for life.
What can zivaMIND do for me?
  • Insomnia will be a thing of the past
  • Kiss your jetlag goodbye
  • Throw the Xanax away
  • Your brain will be faster
  • Your sex will be better
  • Your immune system will be stronger
  • You may even have better parking karma

By reducing the level of stress in your body.

What exactly is zivaMIND?
An in-depth, easy to follow online meditation training.
This is not another ‘challenge’. Over 8 days you’ll move through a carefully curated program that gives you a sustainable meditation practice that you’ll want to commit to.
Short on time? No sweat!
zivaMIND only takes 35 min a day for 8 days, 20 min in the morning and 10-15 min in the evening is recommended, but feel free to do the program in your own time. This can be done anywhere in the world! Don’t worry if you’ve never tried meditation before. zivaMIND will be guiding you step by step and teaching you how to make it non negotiable. You’ll quickly learn that meditation can be effortless and enjoyable.
Is zivaMIND for me?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Feel like your phone is the boss of you?
  • Do you get sick more often than you would like?
  • Aging at an alarming rate?
  • Anxiety holding you back?
  • Simply want to enjoy your life more?

zivaMIND can help!


By giving you a sustainable, natural way to reduce stress and improve performance.

How can I learn meditation online?
Over 8 days you’ll use a series of training videos, Q & A calls, guided visualizations + motivational tools. Each of the 8 easy to follow videos will build upon the previous day’s teachings. You’ll choose your own mantra, learn the mechanics of correct meditation, discover how to handle stress release, and most importantly understand how to fit meditation into your busy life in a way that you enjoy and helps your performance.
  • zivaSLEEPS guided visualization
  • Accountability Calendar to track progress
  • Welcome video to set you up for success
  • Making a contract with yourself
  • Receive your mantra
  • Meditate with Emily
  • Why thoughts are not the enemy
  • Top 4 Meditation Killers
  • The “lazy man’s” guide to meditation
  • zivaRELEASE guided visualization
  • 10 min guided meditation audio
  • How to deal with interruptions
  • Access to a Q & A call with Emily (1 hr)
  • The Power of Vulnerability
  • Best posture and breath technique
  • Laundering our consciousness
  • Inward and outward strokes of meditation
  • Peeling away layers of accumulated stress
  • Meditate to get good at life (not meditation)
  • Blending of waking state/ bliss field
  • Moving into higher states of consciousness
  • Digestion and “catch up” day
  • Balancing breath to activate different hemispheres of the brain
  • 2 bonus trainings: Travel Tips + How to Handle Noise
  • How to make this a non-negotiable priority
  • How to talk about your practice with others
  • Creation, Maintenance, and Destruction





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Ziva Meditation by Emily Fletcher